Who is Sourav Joshi Vlogs? True Information..!!

Sourav Joshi's career revolves around YouTube mostly. Sourav Joshi created Multiple channels before his main vlogging channel come to picture.

Sourav Joshi is Indian Youtuber with 20 Million subscribers who is popularly known for his daily vlogs. During Covid-19 he set target of 360 days and 360 vlogs for himself and completed it. Along with YouTuber he is also Artist who is quite good in making sketches.

image credit: Instagram Sourav Joshi

Saurav Joshi born in Almora,Uttarakhand on Friday 8 September 2000. He pursued his bachelor degree in fine arts at a college in Hansi,Haryana. Saurav Joshi often makes Daily Vlogs about his family. If we talk about him in detail, then seeing his Vlogs, it seems that he is a very humble and down to earth person. His nature remains calm on most occasions, he respects his parents a lot. It is shown in his Vlogs that he always wakes up in the morning and touches the feet of his parents, which presents a good example of Indian culture.

Apart from his family, Sourav Joshi makes blogs by going to different places, now they can also be called traveling vlogs. There is always one of his brothers or one of his relatives in his locks. Apart from his family, there is someone in his vlogs named Bobby Bhaiya, who mostly appears with him.
The owner of the house where Sourav Joshi lives is also a good friend of Sourav Joshi whom he calls Nirmal Bhaiya, that too appears mostly during his vlogs.

What is Sourav Joshi real name?

Sourabh Joshi’s real name is Mohit. His real name is not his official name, cause everywhere Sourav Joshi is only mentioned.

He revealed his real name in his vlog where he told that his name is Mohit. Actually the thing is that he met Suhani Shah during one of his YouTube events because Suhani Shah is very famous for his mind reading ability. So she told Sourav that you think of anything in your mind and I will recognize it, then Saurabh Joshi thought his real name in his mind and Suhani Shah recognized it correctly.

What is Sourav Joshi income?

Sourav Joshi is India’s number one vlogger with an average of three to four million views per day on each of his vlogs videos. Most of his videos also remain on trending.

Although Sourav Joshi has never disclosed his income, but we can predict his income by taking reference of the below article which can be $4012 daily. and net worth is expected to be $1.28M (Approx).

You can find more details about Sourav Joshi income here.

Youtube income calculator

image credit : media.io

Why is Sourav Joshi famous?

The main reason for Saurav Joshi’s fame is YouTube Art channel and his YouTube Vlog channel. Apart from this, he is India’s number one vlogger who has recently on 28 March 2023 completed 20 million subscribers on his channel.

Sourav Joshi Vlog YouTube Channel:

Saurav Joshi’s vlog channel became famous because he had given himself the target of 360 days 360 vlogs during Covid 19. After completing the task, his channel grew rapidly. In today’s date, three to four million views come on each of his videos. Many of his daily vlogs get in trending. Wherever he goes for a walk, the situation is such that the crowd gathers to take photographs with him, seeing these things we can say that the YouTube vlog channel is the main reason for his fame.

Sourav Joshi Art YouTube Channel:

As we know Saurabh Joshi is very famous because of his vlog channel but his first channel was not a vlog channel. His first channel was YouTube Art Channel where he used to make sketches and put videos of it and along with that he used to teach how to make sketches. Even after the popularity of his vlog channel, the subscriber of his art channel is increasing. Saurabh Joshi still believes that his real growth has happened only because of Art Channel that he has said openly in many occasions on his vlog.

Sourav Joshi Education Qualification:

Sourav Joshi completed his early schooling from Haldwani,Uttarakhand. He completed his 12th and went for Delhi for Architecture course. He did one year of training but ultimately got rejected cause life had different plans for Sourav.

Later Lockdown began and he continued his daily vlogging on YouTube and we all know the result, that how successful he is in vlogging.

SchoolGovernment High School, Hisar Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
CollegePunjab Group of College, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Education QualificationGraduate – Bachelor Of Fine Arts

Sourav Joshi Career:

Sourav Joshi’s career revolves around YouTube mostly. Sourav Joshi created Multiple channels before his main vlogging channel come to picture. He took advice from Shubham and started YouTube channels before but none of Channel become successful immediately. He worked hard to get views but couldn’t one day he thought of drawing sketches of famous peoples and celebrities that helped his Art channel to grab some views.

Ultimately when lockdown came due to Covid-19 and he got boom to his YouTube vlog channel and after that he never looked back. Currently he has subscriber to his YouTube channel over 20M.

Within short period of time Sourav Joshi become famous on YouTube due to his vlogs and now he established himself in community as one of the most promising content creator.As Sourav Joshi’s vlogs became popular, his career soared. His commitment to making great content and being genuine in sharing his life drew in more viewers and subscribers. Sourav’s charm, humor, and friendly nature made him relatable to his audience, creating a strong bond and sense of togetherness.

Now he is successful YouTuber and influencer in digital world he ha net worth of $1.2M for more info you can read Sourav Joshi Income.

Video Songs on YouTube:

When Saurav Joshi became popular, he got many offers to do video songs, which made Saurabh Joshi more famous. Till now Sourav Joshi has worked in about 4 to 5 video songs. The funny thing is that when his videos were released, those videos were trending at number #1 in the Songs category on YouTube.

His Famous videos songs are

  • Fati Jeans(2021)
  • Jhoota Lagda(2021)
  • Tera Ho Raha Hoon(2022)
  • Bhai Mere Bhai(2022)
  • Manzoore Nazar(2022)
  • Hona Hi Nahi(2023)

You can find all song list here Sourav Joshi Video Song Download 😉

Sourav Joshi Family:

Sourav Joshi Family tree

Sourav Joshi’s family tree is as above. Sourav Joshi’s father name is Sharad who used to work as Carpenter and Mother’s name is Hema who is homemaker. Sourav Joshi Lives in joint family with his parents as well as his brother Sahil and Cousin Piyush and Kunali,uncle,aunt and grandfather and grandmother.

Sourav Joshi Car Collection:


Sourav Joshi had Innova car which was his first Car. In his recent blogs he says that he has sold it off.

Sourav Joshi with Innova car

image credit: Instagram Sourav Joshi


Fortuner Legender is Sourav Joshi’s second car which is automatic car. Sourav Joshi often in his vlog says that Fortuner is his favorite car due to its comfort and safety.

Sourav Joshi with Fortuner Car

image credit: Instagram Sourav Joshi


Thar is Sourav Joshi’s third car. Which he sold to Bobby Bhaiya as per his Vlogs. Sourav Joshi has insane craze for offroading and he uses Thar for that. Sometimes he uses Thar for Jungle Safari as well.Due to his craze for camping he has also installed tent on his Thar.

Sourav Joshi with Thar

image credit: Instagram Sourav Joshi

Sourav Joshi’s Pet:

Sourav Joshi have one pet dog whose name is “Oreo”.

Sourav joshi with pet Oreo

image credit: Instagram Sourav Joshi

Sourav Joshi Biography:

WIki/Physical stats
HeightIn Centimeter-166cm
In Meters -1.66m
Feet and inches – 5’5″
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Skin ColourFair
Personal Life
DOB8 September 2000(FRIDAY)
AGE(as of 2023)23 years old
Net Worth$1.28M(Approx)
BirthplaceAlmora, Uttarakhand
HometownAlmora, Uttarakhand
Highest Education Bachelor of Fine Arts
Relationship & More
Marital StatusUnmarried
Celebrity CrushNot Known
Mother Hema Joshi(Homemaker)
FatherHarish Joshi(Carpenter)
Brother Sahil Joshi
Car Collection


A. Mohit.

A. 5.5 ft

A. $1.28M

A. Sourav Was Born on 8th September 2000 and he is 23 years old (as of 2023).

A. ”Bhatki Dal and Chaval” and Maggie

A. Sourav Joshi is YouTuber.


In conclusion, Sourav Joshi Vlogs has become a powerful and influential content creator, leaving a lasting impact on the world of vlogging. Sourav’s passion for storytelling, dedication to his craft, and unique perspective have won over audiences worldwide.

His vlogs take viewers on exciting journeys, from stunning travel destinations to glimpses of his daily life. Sourav’s ability to connect with his audience on a personal level has built a loyal and engaged community eagerly awaiting each new vlog.

Looking forward, Sourav’s vlogging journey is far from over. With his endless creativity and unwavering determination, he continues to push boundaries, seek new adventures, and inspire others to live life to the fullest.

So, whether he’s uncovering hidden gems, sharing personal stories, or spreading positivity, Sourav Joshi’s vlogs will undoubtedly continue to captivate, entertain, and inspire viewers worldwide for years to come.

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